What Time Does Animal Crossing Come Out?

What time does Animal Crossing New Horizons come out?
What time does Animal Crossing New Horizons come out? / Photo by Nintendo

What time does Animal Crossing come out? As we're extremely close to release date, anticipation is at an all time high as the next main series Animal Crossing game in eight years is finally upon us.

What Time Does Animal Crossing Come Out?

Normally, big releases prompt retailers to have a big celebratory midnight release event. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, those retailers are foregoing the event for a normal release to keep the risk to public health low. You'll be able to get your copy as soon as your retailer of choice opens for business, barring supply or staff shortages.

You can also download the game on the eShop, which will make it available for play as soon as the clock strikes midnight on March 20. The eShop will certainly experience delays, so be sure to pre-load the game and the first update before the general release.

Some online retailers like Amazon have reported delays in shipping. They will prioritize stocking and shipping other necessities and medical supplies before games like Animal Crossing. Some who pre-ordered on Amazon will have to wait until Tuesday.

While unfortunate, these unforeseen global events can happen. To get around this, many players have canceled their physical pre-order and opt to purchase it digitally.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out March 20 for Nintendo Switch.