What Time Does Overwatch Lunar New Year Start?

What time does Overwatch Lunar New Year start? Blizzard rarely announces specific times for its updates to go live, but the developer does follow a pattern around update times. Players will likely see Lunar New Year reach live servers Thursday at 2 p.m. ET.

What Time Does Overwatch Lunar New Year Start?

This year's Overwatch Lunar New Year is the fourth in the game's history, bringing East Asian-inspired designs to Overwatch for another year. This iteration sees the Chinese zodiac return to the start of its cycle, celebrating the Year of the Rat.

Blizzard announced this year's Lunar New Year on Wednesday. The initial announcement withheld new cosmetics, but the Overwatch Twitter account's header previewed skins for Moira and Lúcio.

Additional skins for Sombra, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, Doomfist and Winston leaked online shortly after the announcement and without their corresponding names. Blizzard officially revealed the Sombra skin Wednesday evening, naming it Face Changer Sombra after the Sichuan opera Bian Lian from which the skin draws its design.

The full list of cosmetics will be unveiled when the event goes live.