What Time Does Valorant Reflection Act 2 Go Live?

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Fans of Valorant are excited to get their hands on the new act. Whether it be to dive back into competitive, try out and experiment with the new map, or get a head start on earning experience for the new battle pass, players can't wait to try a new batch of content and gameplay changes coming to the game.

What Time Does Valorant Reflection Act 2 Go Live?

The new act and all of the content planned to drop with it is due on September 8, the same day as the new skin bundle in cooperation with musical artist Zedd is also coming out.

This is the new release date for the act after being delayed two weeks in August due to some constraints the development team at Riot Games was under. The new act is now less than 24 hours from release, and with it will come some of the games most ambitious content, such as the new map Fracture.

Reflection Act 2 will be a large event for all who play Valorant, and everyone is currently eagerly awaiting its release on Sept. 8. Seeing the new patch as well as an incredibly unique map coming to the game along with the newly announced musical skin bundle, fans of Valorant have plenty to be excited about for this new act.