What to Do After Beating Borderlands 3

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What to do after beating Borderlands 3 is fun to think about because Borderlands 3 is an expansive game with about 30 hours in the main story mode.

Yet, there is much more to do once you've beaten the story mode. Exploring planets and progressing through after-story missions can give a player some trouble, so here is a guide on what you should do after beating this massive game.

What to Do After Beating Borderlands 3

Side Quests: There are more hours to be played with the addition of side quests. For the completionist, these dozens of side quests are a must. The Borderlands series is infamous for tedious fetch quests, but the array of new characters makes it feel less tedious. Completing these side quests will give the player a well-received achievement.

Circle of Slaughter: The familiar game mode is always a fun addition to each Borderlands game. Defeating hordes of enemies is the mission, with each horde being divided into phases. Call of Duty zombies mode comes to mind for this game mode.

True Vault Hunter Mode: Players can jump back into the campaign mode with their character with this familiar game mode. You start the mode with all the weapons you acquired throughout your first playthrough. All enemies have more health, but also drop greater loot than normal. Leveling up is easier because the defeated enemies give you more XP.

Mayhem Mode: Turning on this mode while doing side quests or redoing the game with TVHM will give the player more chances to get better weapons and richer loot. There are three tiers, with the third being the most difficult. This game mode is for the player who thought Boderlands 3 was too easy, as the enemies health and shield increase. Definitely check out this game mode if you are looking for rare, very rare, and legendary weapons.

Build Your Vault Hunter: There are four vault hunters from which to choose, each with their own unique abilities. Playing through the game with each hunter becomes a different experience. Each hunter has three different skill trees. Building on these skill trees will take time, but will be well worth it in completing the game.

There is a lot to do after the main campaign is completed, so get going to reach that 100%

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