What to Do with Industrial Paper in Marauders

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Wondering what to do with Industrial Paper in Marauders? We've got you covered.

Just as in most popular, tactical first-person multiplayer looter shooters these days, Marauders invites players to follow the traditional formula of "consume X items to craft Y object." As such, while raiding, players are encouraged to gather loot and safely bring it back home in order to craft these items.

Here's a breakdown of what Industrial Paper is used for in Marauders.

What to Do with Industrial Paper in Marauders

Unfortunately, it appears that although Industrial Paper is an item commonly found in industrial loot locations (e.g. green containers), it currently has no use for crafting at the moment. Some players report that it can be used for Shotgun Shells, but as the game is still in early access, that has yet to be widely confirmed. Others also say that certain quests may ask players to collect some. Aside from that, players can sell Industrial Paper as is for $1,338 each.

This could all certainly change, however, being that the game just launched.

Marauders is available now in early access for PC (via Steam).

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