What to do with seeds in Wizards Unite is fairly straightforward. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a fantastic potion-making system that allows you do something unique and different from Pokemon GO.

To make potions, you need different types of plants, which kind be found in multiple ways. Players can loot plants randomly around the world and also receive them for finishing challenges and visiting g?reenhouses.

What to do With Seeds in Wizards Unite?

You'll also loot seeds and water and you can use that to your advantage. Your map should be littered with inns and greenhouses. Inns will give you a small amount of Spell Energy while Greenhouses will allow you loot and grow plants.

So you'll need to walk to a Greenhouse, which is marked on the map. Once you are in range, click the icon. If you haven't collected a potted plant yet, go ahead and do so. At the bottom of the Greenhouse screen on the right hand side is a Grow button. Click it, and you can choose to plant one type of seed and water. Every different plant has a different time frame before it spawns.

This will allow you to farm certain plants you need for different potions!

Photo courtesy of Niantic