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Wondering when FIFA 22 will have FUTTIES? Here's what you need to know.

FUTTIES is a unique promotional event that also serves as a fan celebration of FIFA . This special promo usually comes out towards the end of a FIFA game's life cycle. The FUTTIES first began all the way back with FIFA 15, and have continued on strongly since then.

FUTTIES consist of fans being able to vote on which cards in the game get upgraded. FIFA will usually have anywhere from 1-3 sets of cards to vote between and then a final vote for a player to get an additional card.


With FUTTIES all but confirmed, there is still no official date for the event to start. This is fairly unsurprising; FIFA 23 won't release until the Fall and there are still some big events occurring such as Team of the Year, followed by the highly awaited return of the Shapeshifters promotion.

Even if there isn't an official release date, FIFA fans can look at the release dates of FUTTIES from prior games for a good estimate of when the promotional event will occur. With that being said, expect the FUTTIES to make their triumphant return in late June to early July.