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When Are Pokémon GO TCG Cards Coming to TCG Online?

Image courtesy of The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon GO and Pokémon TCG crossover event is well underway in Pokémon GO. The Kanto starter lines, Dragonite, Mewtwo, and Slaking are among the different Pokémon to keep your eyes out for while hunting for Pokémon. But what about for TCG fans?

The new Pokémon cards fans are eagerly awaiting haven't dropped yet, and fans who play online are wondering when they'll be able to play with the new cards getting added as well. Here's all you need to know about the when the new Pokémon GO TCG cards will be making their debuts on TCG online.

When Are Pokémon GO TCG Cards Coming to TCG Online?

While the physical cards have received their release date, little has been officially announced regarding any difference for online players. However, we have known that virtual cards and codes will be available for players to find in the physical copies of packs in stores, and they should be able to redeem them immediately.

With that information, we can infer that the release date of the Pokémon GO TCG expansion online will be the same as it is in stores, July 1. In fact, playing online might be your best bet for getting to use some of the rarer cards available as pre-order listings have already gotten expensive.

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