When Can I Pre-load Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is almost here!
Super Mario Bros. Wonder is almost here! / Nintendo

Mario fans are hyped for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Nintendo first announced the game during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct and released a fully dedicated Direct in late Aug. The new take on the classic platformer will have a multiplayer mode, new power-ups, new gameplay mechanics, and much more.

With the new Super Mario title coming on Friday, Oct. 20, players want to know if they can pre-load the game.  

When Can I Pre-load Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

According to the Game Crater, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been available for pre-load since Oct. 13. Players can pre-load the game if they have pre-ordered it from stores or Nintendo. They must also ensure they buy the game before its release on Oct. 20.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder requires at least 4.5 GB to download, so buyers must ensure they have enough storage on their devices ahead of time. 

Where can I Pre-order Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

There’s still time for gamers to pre-order the latest Mario installment. They must visit the Nintendo eShop or the official Super Mario Bros. Wonder site to get it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pre-order the game, too.

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