When Can You Pre-Order NBA 2K21?

When can you pre-order NBA 2K21?
When can you pre-order NBA 2K21? / Photo by NBA 2K

When can you pre-order NBA 2K21? The first trailer drop has gotten the 2K crowd excited for next year's edition of the game.

The trailer was revealed at last week's PlayStation event where the PlayStation 5 console was also revealed. It highlighted the console's insane new graphics and featured a video game version of Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson dunking in a realistic gym.

When Can You Pre-Order NBA 2K21?

There is no current release date for NBA 2K21 and it is unknown when players will be able to pre-order the game. But, since the game usually comes out in the fall, many are expecting that the pre-order will be available soon.

The trailer didn't reveal much about the new game itself, it was basically just used to show off PS5's new graphics. Many fans of the game were disappointed not to learn what new content will be in the game, and some even joked that the only change will be updated rosters.

Another big point of contention in the NBA 2K community is who will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K21. Seeing as Zion was the only player in the trailer, he is the leader in the clubhouse right now, but one other name that has been circulating is Kobe Bryant.