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When Did DOTA 2 Come Out?

Photo courtesy Valve Corporation

When did DOTA 2 come out?

Initially a part of the Defense of the Ancients series in 2003 as a fan-developed mod for Warcraft 3, this multiplayer battle arena was later taken by Valve Corporation to later create a sequel to the first DOTA. With DOTA 2, its popularity has grown to releasing a new show as well as having a strong esports scene, but many players have been noticing a drop in participation and regular players, and the question of whether a DOTA 3 being released is actually necessary considering that not many players are playing the game.

When Did DOTA 2 Come Out?

DOTA 2 was initially released on July 9, 2013. And since its release, it has grown very successful. As the course of DOTA 2 has led to a new show being released on Netflix that follows the stories and dives deep into the characters' backgrounds in DOTA’s new anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

But what is worrying about the game, even with all its success, is the decrease of players over time, and that the game is not as playable as it used to be. Even though it has a loyal fan base, DOTA 2 can be considerably hard for many people and requires a person who is strategic to be able to win the game. Because of its difficulty, many players have turned away from DOTA 2.

And so the question of whether there should be a DOTA 3 is debatable. Considering that it has been nearly ten years mark since the last DOTA 2, there could be a potential that a new game may resurface. But the likelihood of the release of DOTA 3 is very small since it probably wouldn’t have the same success as DOTA 2.