When do Dragon Ball Skins Leave Fortnite?

Goku Son and Beerus skins in all their glory
Goku Son and Beerus skins in all their glory / Image Courtesy of Epic Game

Dragon Ball skins may have only just arrived in Fortnite, but when are they set to leave?

The Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaboration has garnered praise from every corner of the internet. Fans have had their hands full with tons of events, quests, and new locations to explore. At the heart of the crossover's success are the featured Outfits which depict beloved characters from the celebrated anime and manga series. Skins for Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus are now available in the Item Shop.

When do Dragon Ball Skins Leave Fortnite?

Time frames for the end of the collaboration aren't clear. But there are a few things to note.

Leakers like FNAssist on Twitter, have suggested that the collaboration could end as early as Aug. 30. However, the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, which allows gamers to watch episodes from the series within the game, is scheduled to take place until Sept. 17. There are also seven sets of Quests which are predicted to span the entirety of the collaboration. Because quest challenges are usually released on a weekly basis, this aspect of the partnership could extend even beyond the episode festival's end date.

The skins could easily be around for even longer, depending on licensing agreements between Epic Games and the Dragon Ball franchise. In case they aren't, it might be worth it to head on over to the Item Shop and grab them before they're gone.