When do FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Come Out?

Photo by EA Sports

Division Rivals rewards are an exciting feature in the FIFA series as they provide a huge opportunity for fans of the game to upgrade their teams.

Rivals rewards include choices of packs, untradeable packs, and coins. They release each Thursday at 3 a.m. ET.

When do FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Come Out?

Besides rewards, Division Rivals provide players the opportunity to grind towards Weekend League points for qualification.

In the start of this year's FIFA, rather then having placement games, fans have to start at Division 10 and must work their way up the division ranks. It's a welcomed change by many considering how dull and repetitive Rivals had become last year. Also, players ended up taking advantage of it with how the rewards were set up.

On, you can see a breakdown of what each individual Rank will give you in terms of rewards per division. The article breaks down each division's rewards from Rank I, Rank II, and Rank III.

Rivals rewards get better the better you do. So if you are in Division 3, then you will be getting better default rewards then someone who is in Division 7. Inside each division there is three ranks. Rank 1 will give you better rewards than Rank 3.