When Do FIFA 22 Showdown Cards Get Upgraded: Kovacic and Keita

Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League / Pool/GettyImages

EA Sports released a Showdown SBC set in FIFA 22 on Friday, Dec. 31, featuring Liverpool's Naby Keïta and Chelsea's Mateo Kovacic, for their teams' match-up on Sunday, Jan. 2. The clubs drew at 2-2, meaning that both Keïta and Kovacic will be upgraded.

Based on the result, each of the Showdown SBC players will receive a +1 upgrade to their card. Here's when the FIFA 22 Showdown Cards will be upgraded.

When Do FIFA 22 Showdown Cards Get Upgraded

The FIFA 22 Showdown SBC players can be upgraded at any time after their match's result, depending on EA Sports' urgency to upgrade them. With the Showdown Keïta and Kovacic, they can possibly be upgraded along with today's 1 p.m. content or in the next few days.

The Showdown Süle SBC card was upgraded the Wednesday after its release when Bayern beat Barcelona in the Champions League group stage, so it's possible that both Kovacic and Keïta will be upgraded this Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Both Kovacic and Keïta with their upgrades will make good center midfielders in a first-owner Premier League team if you did one or both of them, with great passing stats for each of them. They will be increased to 88 overall each permanently once the upgrade goes live.