When Do FIFA 23 World Cup Players Expire?

EA Sports

FIFA 23 World Cup Players are leaving clubs soon after being a crucial part of the World Cup Update.

EA Sports introduced a major FIFA Ultimate Team update during the World Cup providing numerous promotions and a limited-time event with special World Cup items. These items were tied to a Swaps program where players could earn tokens through Squad Battles and Live FUT Friendlies. Tokens were then exchanged for special World Cup items, Icons or packs. Finally, players who collected World Cup player items built toward a special, tiered engagement reward.

Those rewards are set to be paid out soon and World Cup player items are leaving clubs.

When Do FIFA 23 World Cup Players Expire?

World Cup player items and the World Cup collection rewards are set to be paid out Jan. 4. Players who have been using those special red items will have to find replacements when the items expire.

It's important to note that only the World Cup player items are expiring. World Cup promotional items from events such as Path to Glory or Phenoms are not expiring. Those items will remain in the club for use for the rest of FIFA 23 and can be traded on the transfer market if they are tradeable.

When the World Cup players expire, the World Cup engagement reward will be paid out as well. Players will receive whatever level reward they achieved and everything below that. So, if a player hit the max level, they will receive the Level 10 reward and everything else. A nice little coin and pack boost to be used during Winter Wildcards or saved for Team of the Year.