When Do I Get My League of Legends Ranked 2023 Rewards? Answered

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League of Legends Ranked 2023 rewards have been locked in and players are now able to climb in Season 2024.

The new League of Legends season brings about a wave of new changes including new items, Voidgrubs, massive terrain changes and more. This season looks like it'll revitalize that discovery aspect that's been missing with League of Legends for some time. As well, players await their Season 2023 rewards depending on where they finished on the Solo/Duo and Flex ladders. If you want to know when your rewards will be dropped in your account, plus what rewards you'll actually be getting, we've got everything you need to know.

Here are the full list of Ranked 2023 rewards and when you'll be getting those rewards in your League of Legends account.

When Do I Get My League of Legends Ranked 2023 Rewards?

The Honor 5 skin will be delivered first. Players will receive their Honor 5 skin for Akshan (detailed below) in Patch 14.2 which is slated for a Jan. 24 release date. Players will receive their Victorious skin (detailed below) in Patch 14.4 for Tryndamere. As of writing, League of Legends Patch 14.4 will be released Feb. 22.

League of Legends Ranked 2023 Victorious Skin

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Players who finished in with the required amount of SP will earn Victorious Tryndamere. Players will also receive chromas based on where they finished in both ladders. Again, it's where you finished. If your highest rank was Emerald, but you deranked into Platinum, you will not receive the Emerald chroma.

League of Legends Ranked 2023 Honor 5 Skin

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Three Honors Akshan is the special skin for players who earned Honor 5. This skin will be rewarded to players in Patch 14.2.