When Do NHL 23 Rosters Update?

When Do NHL 23 Rosters Update?
When Do NHL 23 Rosters Update? / EA

EA Sports released a roster update for NHL 23 on Wednesday.

NHL 23 released the roster on Oct. 14, and since then there has been very little news about roster updates or general updates to improve bugs. The most recent piece of news surrounding the game had to do with the Fly Together event for the Mighty Ducks.

When Do NHL 23 Rosters Update?

NHL 23 has had two roster updates since the release of the game. The game was updated first on Oct. 20 and again on Wednesday, Nov. 2, besides that the game has been dark on updating their rosters.

Compared to other EA titles, NHL 23 having just two roster updates is a bit odd. Madden 23 has a roster update once a week. The NFL has more structured rosters, with available off days like Tuesday and Wednesday for EA to update their rosters, but that doesn't mean the NHL shouldn't be updating things more regularly.

EA did not give out any information when it comes to which players' ratings were changed, as well as which players were added to the game. Although we do know that David Jiricek was included amongst the new players as he made his NHL debut on Oct. 28, 2022.

The only way to check on which players were updated in NHL 23 is by entering the game and checking out the rosters in the game. EA does not make the roster changes available for fans to see.

Hopefully after the record breaking month that Phil Kessel had, his NHL 23 rating is bumped up. Make sure to update your rosters in NHL 23 now before playing any games for the most accurate lineups available.