When Do Rust Servers Reset?

When do Rust servers reset?
When do Rust servers reset? / Photo courtesy of Facepunch Studios

"When do Rust servers reset?" It's an important question on the mind of many Rust-addicted players. The game’s recent explosion in popularity because of the massive OfflineTV streamer server has led to thousands of players wondering if their progress will be reset after a patch or server reset. Rust is a constantly evolving game, and the developers at Facepunch Studios are regularly releasing updates.

When Do Rust Servers Reset?

Rust servers generally reset each Thursday, according to moderator u/BladeProofGhost on the Rust subreddit.

“‘Thursday’ is as specific as it gets," they wrote in a comment. "I’d say that it often leans on the side of ‘Thursday Evening’. Between 6pm-10pm GMT.” The constantly resetting nature of Rust can be a source of frustration for some players who feel like their progress is meaningless if it does not last forever. On the other hand, having a regular reset avoids the problem that games like Ark: Survival Evolved or Conan: Exiles have faced: groups of players building up so much that they become unstoppable for anyone not willing to put hundreds of hours into the game to catch up.

Rust’s massive popularity could be interpreted as evidence that many players enjoy the gameplay loop and progression of the several years-old game. In the past week, Rust accrued more hours watched than any other category on Twitch, racking up a massive 83 million hours. The next category behind it was “Just Chatting” which had 54 million hours watched. The next biggest game was League of Legends, which had less than half the hours watched of Rust at 38 million hours.