Apex Legends

When Does Apex Legends' Anniversary Collection Begin?

Screenshot from the official announcement trailer.
Screenshot from the official announcement trailer. | Courtesy of Electronic Arts.

The special Anniversary Collection event of Apex Legends will begin this upcoming Tuesday, Feb. 9, and end on Feb. 23. According to the official website, players will be able to enjoy free rewards, the return of some cosmetics, a new game mode, five awards (just from logging in!), and more to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the battle royale game.

To celebrate, Apex Legends will now feature a limited-time event cosmetics, and a limited-time game mode called "Lock and Loaded Takeover" where players will land with a full kit of starting gear (ground loot is blue and above only.) Additionally, there will be free rewards, two event packs, ten Apex packs, and more according to the announcement trailer.

For example, seasonal challenges will give the players a chance to earn exclusive badges. Completing 75 daily challenges awards players with the "Nessie Badge," dealing 102, 816 damage gives them the Mozambique Badge and completion of the "Respect your elders" challenge. The number is a reference to the release date of Titanfall 2.

Should players be able to unlock all of the items of the Completion Event, the game will award them with 150 heirloom shards. Collectors can earn even more by purchasing the different bundles. The announcement ends with the developers thanking the players for the last two years.

The last two years has been incredible, and it’s all thanks to the community that has formed around this game. Here’s to two years, and to the future—the best is yet to come!

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