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When Does Apex Legends Dark Depths End?

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Dark Depths event is here but not for long, so when is the Dark Depths event ending?

There are new rewards every week for players to receive by completing challenges. In this event key prizes will rotate every week, including Apex Packs, Dark Depths Packs, and Epic weapon skins.

In addition to the release of the Dark Depths event, Respawn has also released a new Arenas map, Habitat 4, that features a new island in the same archipelago as Storm Point.

When Does Apex Legends Dark Depths End?

The Dark Depths event started on Jan. 11 and is set to end on Feb. 1. Players have a couple of weeks to get their hands on the rewards and event themed skins.

Players can get Dark Depths themed Apex packs for skins and other cosmetics for 400 Apex coins. The packs will come with two Dark Depths cosmetics and one regular Apex cosmetic.

In the Apex Store, players can also buy bundles and skins like the Fuse Brosedion and Ash's Denizen of the Deep .

The Dark Depths event is ongoing now. Apex Legends is free to play on PC, Xbox and Playstation platforms.