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When Does Apex Legends Emergence Start?

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Fans of Apex Legends will be excited to know that Emergence, Season 10 of Respawn Entertainment's battle royal, is right around the corner. Players can expect a massive update in accordance to maps and weapons. The estimated release date given by Respawn Entertainment has Emergence scheduled to go live on Aug. 3, shortly after the Thrillseekers event comes to an end.

Fans can also get excited about a pretty sizable buff to the L-Star. The LMG never found a foothold in the weapon meta, but this might push it to the top.

When Does Apex Legends Emergence Start?

This Aug. 3 release date also highlights the premiere of a new Legend, Seer, who utilizes drones to scout out terrain and enemy forces. Seer is also able to hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies with his passive: Heartseeker. These abilities should give Seer an edge in regard to other tracking Legends, such as Bloodhound and Crypto, adding more variables for players to be on the lookout.

Some other changes players can expect with the Aug. 3 launch of Emergence are:

  • World's Edge map update, including various weather and terrain changes, focused around lava, landslides, and climate change
  • The reintroduction of ranked Arenas (located in Hillside, Dome, and Oasis)
  • A new LMB weapon
  • Legend changes, including buffs and nerfs to Legends such as
  • A new battle pass release, and new skins included within it