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When Does Apex Legends Season 15 Start?

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 14 is in full swing, bringing back the iconic King's Canyon with changes to the map. But as with any player base, everyone's eyes are on the future. Players are brimming in anticipation of the possible new map on the moon and other potential surprises on the horizon.

But when does the new season start?

When Does Apex Legends Season 15 Start?

Based on previous seasons and the battle pass countdown clock, we can expect Season 15 on Nov. 1. That's still quite some time since the second split of the ranked season has yet to even start.

But it's not just the potential moon map, players can also look forward to a new Legend. The only rumor for a upcoming Legend is codenamed Catalyst. This name may stick or Respawn may come up with something else.

The proposed Legend has multiple abilities based around created "walls" and "structures" giving massive Fortnite vibes. It's hard to tell how the community would react, but likely not well, so Respawn is going to have to be smart with this one.

The new map in itself should keep the Apex community happy, so the Legend doesn't need to be game-breaking, just a fun new character to keeps fans excited.