When Does Apex Legends Season 2 Start?

When does Apex Legends Season 2 start? You don't have to wait long! At least not anymore.

With game like Fortnite pumping out new content on a weekly basis, Apex Legends was going stale. People were anxiously waiting for the first Battle Pass and the start of Season 1. Since that has passed, the energy is surrounding Season 2.

When Does Apex Legends Season 2 Start?

Apex Legends Season 2 starts on July 2 and brings with it plenty of changes! Wattson has joined the Legends cast and provides a unique kit to the battlefield. Players will also get a new ranked system, a changed ecosystem and map, and intractable animals around the arena.

Respawn Entertainment is at a crossroads. If this season lands well, players should be happy with the changes and entertained for months to come.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment