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When Does Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Start?

Photo by Activision/Treyarch

The official trailer for the Black Ops: Cold War Season 2 was released Feb. 16 showcasing what's coming in the next major content drop. It features new weapons, a new operative, and new cinematics that continue the story of Team Woods' efforts to save Russel Adler from the hands of Stitch.

But with this update to the game comes the obvious question, when does Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Start? Luckily, we've got the answer from Activision and Treyarch themselves.

When Does Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Start?

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is set to release on Thursday, Feb. 25, according to the Call of Duty Twitter.

This free update will come with the conclusion of Season 1, which began back on Dec. 15. With the update, we can expect new weapons according to the trailer, including a crossbow, the Galil assault rifle, and a heavy-duty mini-gun.

In Season One's reveal, we saw new maps added to the game, including the Mall at the Pines seen in the Season One trailer, as well as the addition of Rebirth Island to the Warzone game-mode. Additionally, Raid and Express were revived from Black Ops II.

We can look forward to Call of Duty releasing more updates and news on Season 2 in the coming week, leading up to the grand opening of Season 2 on the 25th.