When Does Diablo IV Take Place?


Players are hellbent on getting into the Diablo IV Beta and seeing what the new ARPG by Blizzard has to offer, but it might be wise to brush up a little bit on the story of the previous games as to not be totally lost about the ongoing narrative. Here's what you need to know about where Diablo IV sits on the series timeline.

Diablo IV advances the gameplay of the previous games in a brand-new package. Players create a character from a number of playable classes and dive into the dark fantasy world Sanctuary, slaying monsters, demons and other foul creatures in its expansive and intricate dungeons.

When Does Diablo IV Take Place?

Diablo IV takes place 30 years after the events of Diablo III take place, according to the game series' wiki. After the defeat of the titular Diablo in the third game, the demoness Lilith has risen to take over the power vacuum in the world of Sanctuary, commanding the forces of Hell against those of humanity. Although Diablo IV is a continuation of the previous games' stories, it is not needed to play the others to play Diablo IV.

New players can get acquainted with the world of Diablo IV in the Open Beta, which is running this weekend.