When Does FC 24 Winter Wildcards End? Answered

EA Sports

FC 24 Winter Wildcards is coming to an end as fans try to pack some of the best players currently available in packs.

Winter Wildcards has become a staple of the holiday season in FC Ultimate Team. The promotion features multiple squads available in packs, certain positional changes for players like Alisson Becker moving to midfield, Campaign Icons and more. There has also been plenty of upgrade SBCs for players to engage with to try and improve their squads for the rest of the year. Or, players who have been savy have been saving their big packs for the upcoming Team of the Year.

There's likely one more promotion in-between Winter Wildcards and Team of the Year, leaked as Versus, but when does WW end moving us even closer to TOTY?

When Does FC 24 Winter Wildcards End? Answered

Winter Wildcards will come to an end on Friday, Dec. 5 at 1 p.m. ET. At that time, all remaining cards available in packs whether Winter Best of, Winter Wildcards or Winter Wildcards Icons, will leave packs for now. The last bit added because EA Sports has made it clear cards will be re-released at a later point this game cycle.

What is the Next FC 24 Ultimate Team Promotion?

Leaked by reputable community sources including FutSheriff, the next promotion will be Versus. A promotion previously included in FIFA 22, there will likely be two versions of players available in packs: a Fire version and an Ice option. These cards will likely feature different PlayStyles, statistics and maybe even different positions. Though, nothing drastic like in Winter Wildcards. Potential position changes could be just moving a winger from the left side to the right.

It's unknown if this promotion will feature two promotional squads or not. It's likely the former giving EA Sports some runtime building up to Team of the Year. Keep an eye on in-game messaging and social media to see whether or not EA Sports announces the first Versus team as Team 1 or not.