When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES Batch 3 Leave Packs?

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 3 has hit packs as of Friday, Aug. 5.

FUTTIES is the FIFA promotion that keeps on giving. Going strong since the first FUTTIES batch dropped on July 15, it seems like EA hasn't finished giving yet.

If you haven't heard yet, FUTTIES is the FIFA promotion that allows gamers to vote on which players will be included in the packs. FUTTIES also features the most adored and powerful player cards from the entire season's worth of FIFA promotions. Whether it's TOTS, TOTY, Shapeshifters, or anything else you can imagine, anything is possible in FUTTIES.

When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES Batch 3 Leave Packs?

Following the pattern of FUTTIES releases for Batches 1 and 2, Batch 3 is expected to leave packs on Aug. 19. After that, there will not be another batch as EA Sports announced this will be the final set for FUTTIES.

With the release of FIFA 23 right around the corner, it is easy for gamers to look to the future and get distracted. However, FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 3, with its super juiced player packs, offers virtual managers the opportunity to muscle out a few more wins before the season is said and done.