When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 1 Leave Packs?

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

With the release of FIFA 22' FUTTIES 'Best Of' Batch 1 unveiled last Friday, gamers are wondering: When will this batch of player cards leave packs?

FUTTIES is a FIFA Ultimate Team promotion that allows players to vote on which player cards will be re-released in packs. The 'Best Of' iteration of the promotion features cards that were featured in promotions earlier in the FUT season. In essence, it gives hopeful managers another shot to bag a boosted player as the season comes to an end.

When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 1 Leave Packs?

The EA website tells us that the FUTTIES 'Best Of' promotion will include "Select players [that] will be added into packs in FUT 22 over three batches, with the first released on July 15." As for when they will leak packs, the webpage is a little less descriptive.

If we look at other FIFA Promotions like Shapeshifters, as an example, we can expect them to remain in packs until the following week. That would mean that this 'Best Of' batch could hit the secondary market as early as this Friday.

With over 100 players released to packs as a part of the FUTTIES 'Best Of' promotion, virtual managers certainly have their work cut out for them, if they'd like to go through all of them in time for next week's likely release of Batch 2.