When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES End?

EA Sports

Here's when the FIFA 22 FUTTIES will end.

The FUTTIES is a promotional event, but also a fan celebration of FIFA. Players can vote on different players, and the winner of the votes will receive a special card that has boosted stats and can be unlocked by completing SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). One of the first players to win the first round of voting was German Midfielder Kai Havertz, who saw his base card go from an 84 overall to a 94 overall.

When Does FIFA 22 FUTTIES End?

The FUTTIES have no set end date, but EA did confirm that they will last at least five weeks. Since the huge promotional event began on July 15, FIFA players can expect the event to end sometime mid August. Most likely in-between the dates of Aug. 16-18.

EA's vague five weeks time table actually makes sense. The last promotional event Shapeshifters broke the traditional standards set by prior events and released a total of four teams.

By being ambiguous, it allows FIFA to be flexible and leaves the possibility for the FUTTIES to include more content than initially thought by fans. With an expected end date of mid August, the possibilities of what EA can do with the FUTTIES are endless.