When Does FIFA 22 Ones to Watch End?

Photo by EA Sports

The second FIFA 22 Ones to Watch squad is still out, but time is ticking down as the promotion is close to coming to an end this week.

With Ones to Watch coming to an end, players have to act fast if they want to pack one of the players in the last squad of the promotion. The promotion is expected to end Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. ET.

When Does FIFA 22 Ones to Watch End?

In the tweet above, FUTWIZ showed the three players EA added into the second team of the Ones to Watch promotion.

As we reach the end of the promotion this week, EA were able to add a lot of the players that were highly wanted whether it be through the general release, player objectives, or SBCs.

With rumors out there about there being a third week with both squads combined, things are pointing towards that being just a rumor as EA move towards the expected Rulebreakers promotion next.

With the game only being a couple weeks old, we have already seen a couple of the Ones to Watch cards receive upgrades from being in the Team of the Week. As they year continues, it will continue to be exciting whenever one of your Ones to Watch players have a chance of being upgraded.