When Does FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS Leave Packs?

Image courtesy of EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Team of the Season promo is in full swing, with Premier League and EFL TOTS teams currently available in packs for players to get.

The Premier League team has been in packs since May 6, and will be leaving soon. Here's everything you need to know about how much longer Premier League TOTS players will be available for.

When Does FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS Leave Packs?

All TOTS league teams will be in packs for one week before leaving, with the major leagues and smaller leagues alternating so that there is a new team coming to packs every half week or so.

Because the Premier League TOTS team has been in packs since Friday May 6, they will be leaving packs Friday May 13 to make way for the Bundesliga TOTS squad. Fortunately, if you have been stuck pulling TOTS Rodri from all of your reward packs during the Premier League week, you will get one more opportunity to get some of the best Premier League cards in the game. The best of the best will return in the final TOTS week of the promo, with the Ultimate TOTS team arriving in packs on June 10.