When Does FIFA 22 ROW TOTS Leave Packs?

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Rest of the World Team of the Season Pack was announced on June 4, by EA Sports.

The Rest of World TOTS, which debuted alongside the Serie A and MLS TOTS, features the best footballers playing outside of the world's top leagues. That doesn't mean these players can't compete on the virtual pitch. Fan favorites like Bartholomew Ogbeche (91), Rasmus Kristensen (90), and Fernando Martinez Rubio (88), are sure to make a valuable addition to any FUT Roster.

When Does FIFA 22 ROW TOTS Leave Packs?

The FIFA 22 Rest of World TOTS was released June 4, and the team left packs a week later on June 11. Therefore it has already left packs and its players are available for trade on the secondary acquisitions market.