When Does FIFA 22 Rulebreakers End?

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers are available in packs until Friday.
FIFA 22 Rulebreakers are available in packs until Friday. / Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS

The Rulebreakers promo is coming to a close soon in FIFA 22. The promo brought some great cards that will last in teams for the next few months, while others probably should've been kept on the planning board. Let's take a look at some things we were introduced to in Rulebreakers this year.

Team two of the Rulebreakers promo is set to leave packs on Friday, Nov 12. at 1 p.m EST.

When Does FIFA 22 Rulebreakers End?

The promotion seems to be coming to an end this upcoming Friday, with no word on if there will be a period with both teams in packs after Team 2 is gone.

EA seems to have bounced back after a lackluster RTTKO promo left fans wanting more, with some outstanding cards released from a variety of leagues. With the market at a massive low as well, all of these cards were attainable in terms of price. According to FUTBIN, none of the Rulebreakers cards are over 800,000 coins, as of Nov 9.

In addition, we received special cards that were, most importantly, useable in the FIFA 22 meta, as well as cards that we don't see often. The Premier League, for example, has a new, top-level set of defenders in CDM Frank Onyeka and Maxwell Cornet, and each of them is less than 90,000 coins. The Marco Verratti SBC item was a great value card that will be in many PSG- based teams until we reach Team of the Season. EA SPORTS did much better this promo of including unique cards and making them useable.

While some cards were well known for many past special cards, like Suarez and Dembele, at least there were enough newer cards to balance them out. Fans are looking forward to the next promo as well as the upcoming Black Friday promotion later this month.