When Does FIFA 22 Team of the Year Start?

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Team of the Year is on the horizon as fans await the biggest promotion of the year.

Team of the Year celebrates the best performing players from the calendar year with the biggest and best singular upgrades all cycle long. They're the most sought after items in the game for players with users choosing to save numerous amounts of packs hoping to get one while they're available. EA Sports has made recent improvements to the promotion to give players more items to pack outside of the prestigious team.

FIFA 19 introduced the 12th Man voting system and FIFA 21 introduced the Honorable Mentions items for players who missed out on making the team.

So, when does FIFA 22's Team of the Year promotion start?

When Does FIFA 22 Team of the Year Start?

FIFA 22 TOTY doesn't have a confirmed release date, but it's expected to start sometime in mid-to-late January.

Headliners was confirmed as the next Ultimate Team promotion starting Dec. 31. The promotion is also expected to have two squads, as per usual with FUT promotions. So, that would put the second squad in packs starting Jan. 7. That squad is expected to be in packs until Jan. 14 effectively ending the promotion.

Team of the Year has a fan voting process that EA Sports will want to run for a healthy amount of time. So, expect voting to start after Headliners concludes. A safe estimation is either Monday, Jan. 17, or Monday, Jan. 24 considering EA Sports spreads out defenders, midfielders and attackers into separate releases before adding the whole squad to packs for a limited time.

Stay tuned as more information regarding FIFA 22 TOTY gets revealed.