When Does FIFA 22 Team of the Year Voting Start?

Photo by EA Sports

Fans are wondering when FIFA 22 Team of the Year fan voting will start as they await the biggest promotion of the Ultimate Team cycle.

Team of the Year is the most anticipated FIFA Ultimate Team event of each game cycle featuring the the biggest ratings boosts for individual players. The only surefire recipient each year is traditionally the Ballon d'Or winner. Also, the Ballon d'Or winner usually receives a 99 overall item as well. That should be Lionel Messi this year after he won the award.

But, one of the most exciting parts of TOTY is the fan voting aspect. Players get to chime in and get their say on who should make it into the prestigious squad.

So, when does FIFA 22 Team of the Year voting start?

When Does FIFA 22 Team of the Year Voting Start?

FIFA 22 Headliners is scheduled to be the next promotion in Ultimate Team, starting Dec. 31. If the promotion features two separate teams in packs, then the second squad will be released Jan. 7 and those items will be in packs until most likely Jan. 14.

EA Sports might want to focus a full week on voting ahead of the promotional release. Also, TOTY usually starts on a Monday which is different than most FUT events. So, perhaps voting starts Monday, Jan. 17. Or, EA Sports makes Headliners one single team and voting will start Jan. 10.

It lies solely on how long Headliners is. There's also the possibility EA Sports introduces a new promotion between Headliners and TOTY, but that's unlikely.

Stay tuned for more information regarding FIFA 22 TOTY voting.