When Does FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 1 Leave Packs?

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

With the release of FIFA 23 pre-season week 1 packs and objectives released last Friday, fans are wondering when batch 1 will leave packs.

FIFA 23 is scheduled for release on Sept. 30. Until then, virtual managers of FIFA Ultimate Team are right to take advantage of the FIFA 23 pre-season promotion. Although off to a rocky start, the FIFA 23 pre-season promotion now allows players to earn rewards in the current FUT game mode as well as FUT in FIFA 23.

When Does FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 1 Leave Packs?

The FIFA 23 pre-season promotion, which features a 99-rated Ronaldo, as well as some of the highest-rated promotional cards of the season is likely one of the last promotions of the season. That means that the coming weeks are the final opportunities for managers to add highly rated players to their rosters in order to define their seasons before FIFA 23 rolls out next month on Sept. 30.

Following the patterns of other FIFA promotions this season, pre-season batch 1 player cards are expected to leave packs next Friday, Sept. 2. That should leave just enough time before FIFA 23 comes out for another edition of pre-season to be released to packs.