When Does Fire Emblem Engage Release?

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

In September of last year, Nintendo unveiled Fire Emblem Engage as the next game in the role-playing series at a Nintendo Direct.

Following the success of Fire Emblem Three Houses, the game will contain many key features from the previous games, but revitalizing others. Primarily, the new combat system of Emblem rings is sure to facilitate new strategies for players to use to their advantage and the radically different story can be appreciated from series veterans to players getting into the games for the first time.

Engage will feature an entire new cast of characters that are trying to save the continent of Elyos from the Fell Dragon, the story's main antagonist. Alear, the main playable character, must find the emblem rings throughout the story in order to suppress the Fell Dragon's ascension.

When Does Fire Emblem Engage Release?

The newest installment in the Fire Emblem series is set to release Jan. 20, alongside the first wave of downloadable content. The first wave will include several characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses, and other items as well.

Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude will all be Emblems available in the first wave, accompanied by additional in-game items, according to Nintendo. The addition of these characters to the already seemingly robust set of Emblems available in-game will be sure to offer varying tactics for players to use.

The game will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, and can be purchased either through the Nintendo e-shop and downloading the game onto the switch or getting a physical copy.