When Does Flashback Benzema Expire in FIFA 22?

Real Madrid CF v Sevilla FC - La Liga Santander
Real Madrid CF v Sevilla FC - La Liga Santander / Denis Doyle/GettyImages

A Flashback Karim Benzema was released in FIFA 22 as part of the Black Friday promotion. The card flashes back to his debut season for Real Madrid back in the 2009-2010 LaLiga Season.

The SBC is still available for users to complete for a limited time. Here's when the Flashback Benzema SBC expires in FIFA 22.

When Does Flashback Benzema expire in FIFA 22?

The Flashback Karim Benzema was released on Nov. 26. Currently, according to the SBC section of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the challenge is only available for one more day. The SBC is set to expire on Friday, Dec. 3 at 1 p.m. ET.

If you missed out on Player of the Month Benzema, this card is a great alternative. While it has less shooting and passing, Flashback Benzema actually possesses more in-game stats than his POTM counterpart, with much more pace and even high/low work rates, which is one of the most underrated stats a "meta" card can have in FIFA 22. With good physicals and solid shooting, Benzema's flashback card is one of the best-attacking options in the LaLiga.

If you want to secure this Benzema card, log in to FIFA and complete his SBC in the next 24 hours. Check out how to complete the SBC here.