When Does Fortnite Season 8 Start?

With players engrossed in the alien-packed adventures of Chapter 2’s Season 7, everyone is asking the same question as the season crosses it’s midway point: “When does Fortnite Season 8 start?”

New seasons in Fortnite are always exciting times, as the gameplay is always shaken up with the arrival of new weapons, locations, and mechanics. Chapter 2 Season 7 brought players new vehicles like UFOs, new weapons like the Railgun and the Pulse Rifle, twisted locations like Holly Hatchery and The Aftermath, and many cool skins to be unlocked in the pass like the legendary Superman himself.

It’s always a treat players look forward to, whether they’re diehard Fortnite spenders or fans who haven’t spent a single V-Buck.

When Does Fortnite Season 8 Start?

Now, there isn’t an exact date per se when Season 8 begins, but it’s worth noting that Season 7 is marked to end on Sept. 12, 2021, according to a reputable data miner within the Fortnite community known by HYPEX. What typically happens when the seasons expire is that a new one picks up right after one ends, so it’s reasonable to infer that Season 8 could begin on Sept. 13. 

The theme for Season 8 is unknown, as Seasons are always announced a day before they begin with cinematic trailers, as Chapter 7 did. Beyond leaks that have circulated around the Internet, there is nothing concrete players can pinpoint until the day itself arrives. Fans are still excited nonetheless.

Chapter 2 Season 7 is expected to end on Sept. 12, 2021.