When Does Halo Infinite Season 1 End?

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

With the release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta, many players might be wondering when Season 1 is set to end. Here's what you need to know.

Thanks to the Xbox 20th Anniversary Event which streamed yesterday, 343 Industries announced that the Halo Infinite mulitplayer beta is now live. Naturally, this saw an influx of fans head straight to their system and download the beta, excited to finally check out what they'd been waiting for.

Like most modern online mulitplayers, Halo seems to have adopted a season format, complete with a Battle Pass. Similar to popular online games like Fortnite, the Halo Battle Pass system allows players to earn experience towards leveling up and unlocking rewards. Season 1 began as of yesterday, but when is it set to end?

When Does Halo Infinite Season 1 End?

Halo Infinite Season 1 is set to end in May 2022. 343 Industries have said that season will typically last around three months, though Season 1 appears to be running for a bit longer.

During the run of the season, players will be able to take part in multiple in-game events, each with their own rewards and challenges. As for the Battle Pass, it seems that there will be a free-to-play version and premium version with more rewards to unlock. 343 Industries has confirmed that any progress made towards the Battle Pass in the beta will carry over to the full release once it launches.

Players looking to get through the Battle Pass a bit quicker can take advantage of XP Boosts. These are a type of consumable item which can be purchased on the Battle Pass menu or bought in the Shop and then activated from Battle Pass.

According to Halo's support page, Battle Passes in Infinite will not expire. This means that players can continue to make progress on a certain Battle Pass even when a new one is available, provided it has been selected as the active pass in-game.