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When Does It Takes Two Come Out on the Switch?

Photo courtesy of EA

During Tuesday's Nintendo Direct, It Takes Two, the critically acclaimed co-op game released last year, was announced as an upcoming Switch title.

This announcement follows lengthy speculation that a Switch port was improbable, with its director Josef Fares claiming that its split screen elements would likely not work as flawlessly on a smaller console. With a staggering 84 accolades and rave reviews, It Takes Two currently leads as one of the top-rated games of 2021, accompanied by Resident Evil Village and Forza Horizon 5. Initially released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, its Switch port was both intensely rumored and highly anticipated by fans.

When Does It Takes Two Come Out on the Switch?

It releases on Nov. 4.

What is It Takes Two?

It Takes Two is Hazelight Studios' sophomore production, preceded by A Way Out, a game featuring similar split-screen multiplayer elements. It is exclusively co-op with difficult gameplay that emphasizes the story of "the hardships in getting along". Its story follows Cody and May, a couple challenged to repair their strained relationship after a spell turns them into dolls.

It Takes Two Prices

It Takes Two is available on the EA, Microsoft and Playstation stores and for preorder on the Nintendo Switch store for $39.99. It is currently $19.99 on Steam until Sept. 15.