When Does Jailbreak Happen in Warzone?

You won't know when Jailbreak happens in Warzone until it does.
You won't know when Jailbreak happens in Warzone until it does. | Photo by Infinity Ward

When does Jailbreak happen in Warzone? Jailbreak is one of the new in-match events introduced in Season 4 of Modern Warfare. Jailbreaks can happen at any point in the middle of a match, with no prior warning or announcement.

When Does Jailbreak Happen Warzone?

What is considered as the "middle" of a match? Infinity Ward states that in-match events occur "after the first drop kit and before the Gulag closes."

Jailbreak offers extra incentive for spectating, but you will never know if a Jailbreak will occur until it happens. There are two other in-match events, and there can be only one type of event per match if at all.

If you're playing solo, you might bust out waiting for your turn in the Gulag. In Duos, Trios or Quads you might get a Jailbreak if you've been taken out before your teammates. Otherwise, it might not be worth it to wait around for the slim chance you'll get back. Just re-queue and get in on the next match.

Players still alive in the game get a one-minute warning to look for extra equipment for their soon to be resurrected teammates. Watch out for the sudden influx of new enemies looking for their revenge.