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When Does League of Legends Essence Emporium 2022 End?

URFWick Splash Art in League of Legends
URFWick Splash Art in League of Legends / Courtesy of Riot Games

Here's when League of Legends 2022 Essence Emporium ends.

The Blue Essence Emporium has returned to League of Legends to celebrate the middle of the 2022 Season. The Essence Emporium is a special sale available in the Shop, that allows players to purchase exclusive items including Skins, Chromas, and Icon Bundles all with Blue Essence. Here's when this Essence Emporium ends.

When Does League of Legends Essence Emporium 2022 End?

According to the League of Legends Patch 12.12 Store Updates uploaded by Riot Games, this Essence Emporium will be available from June 28 to July 12. This means players have until July 12 to spend their Blue Essence before the shop disappears. Certain items like the URFWick skin for Warwick are only available in the Blue Essence shop, so players only have a few days to get their hands on them.

The announcement also stated that the Blue Essence Emporium would be going on a hiatus while after this run. According to the update, the way the current Emporium was built requires a significant amount of work, and is going to be rebuilt to make it more efficient and to avoid delays that cut into development that could go into missions and events.

While the announcement doesn't say when the Emporium will return, it assures players that it definitely will be making a comeback. However, since this comeback date hasn't yet been confirmed, players would be wise to spend their Blue Essence in the Emporium now while they have the chance.