When Does League of Legends Lunar Revel 2023 End?

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The League of Legends Lunar Revel 2023 event was released last week, and there are numerous rewards available for players until it ends.

Usually, League of Legends events last for a over a month to give everyone plenty of time to gather tokens and purchase items from the event shop. Players can get tokens by purchasing a Lunar Revel Pass, or they can complete the missions provided in the missions tab within the League of Legends client.

It is important to know when the event ends, so you do not let any of your tokens go to waste.

When Does League of Legends Lunar Revel 2023 End?

Upon logging into the League of Legends client, players will be able to access the Lunar Revel event shop, and it will also remind you how many weeks are left in the event. Everyone still has a little over a month to acquire tokens because the end of the event is on Feb. 21. It is important to note that players will still be able buy rewards from the event shop for nearly a week after the event ends, as the shop will close on Feb. 27.

With these two dates in mind, players will have plenty of time to think about what items they want from the shop and do not have to worry about playing the game on a daily basis.