When Does League of Legends Patch 12.19 Release?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends brought various different nerfs and buffs with Patch 12.18 and with it came its own set of obstacles. Many champions were left either too strong or too weak, leaving players wondering just when the next patch is.

Players know that Patch 12.18 was released Sept. 21 but just when will Patch 12.19 come to help balance out Summoner's Rift?

When Does League of Legends Patch 12.19 Release?

Thanks to developer Riot Games' official patch schedule, players know exactly when the next patch is coming. For Patch 12.19, fans of Riot Games' hit MOBA League of Legends can expect the patch to drop Oct. 5 and bring with it an array of champion and item balances.

Patch 12.19 will also be bringing back the Spirit Blossom skin line, where every champion is reimagined as a spirit of a particular feeling. This skin line hasn't been seen for nearly two years so players on the search for a new look for their favorite champions will be pleased.

Patch 12.19 is on the PBE server for players to experience and to test out before the patch officially goes live on the main server.