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When Does League of Legends Season 11 End?

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

When does League of Legends Season 11 end is a question everyone is wondering as the season comes to an end. The League of Legends World Championship is right around the corner, waiting to crown the kings of Season 11. We know that the game changes drastically right after the tournament ends, but when is does it exactly end?

The exact date in which Season 11 will end has not yet been confirmed. But when Season 11 ends is still something we know. Based off of previous seasons, Season 11 should end during the second week of November. The preseason will begin right after.

When Does League of Legends Season 11 End?

With Season 11 ending, more information about Season 12 and ranked rewards should begin to roll out soon. Season 11 began on Jan. 8 which means Season 12 can be expected to release around the same time. Once it does, it will be a culmination of the development of the game during preseason.

Last year Riot Games completely overhauled the item system, delivering us the Mythic item system for Season 11. Big changes like these occur in preseasons all the time, so stay on your toes as Season 11 ends.