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When Does League of Legends Season 12 Start?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games released League of Legends preseason 2022 on Nov. 16, leaving players wondering when Season 12 will begin. As Riot continues to test out the new updates included in the preseason, players can currently play with these new additions before the start of Season 12.

League of Legends had a huge update with preseason 2022, including two new drakes, jungle changes, cosmetics and new items. Riot also reworked many previous objectives and items in the latest patch.

When Does League of Legends Season 12 Start?

In previous years, League of Legends starts a new season shortly after the preseason ends; this usually occurs sometime in the first two weeks of January. The preseason was open to PBE a little earlier this year in order to give Riot enough time to work on any changes or fixes needed before beginning the season.

With the new addition of the Chemtech and Hextech drake, new items, champion reworks and the new inspiration keystone rune, the start date of Season 12 can vary. However, players of the game can still expect Season 12 to being early to mid January.

2021 has been a busy year for Riot. League of Legends released four new champions, reworked almost all of their items with the complete change of the items system in Season 11 and launched its popular Netflix show, Arcane.

Players have had mixed reactions with the big changes in League of Legends. Fans hope that before Season 12 starts, Riot will try and balance these new updates.