When Does LoLdle Refresh?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

LoLdle is a website that contains five different gamemodes that are similar to the popular Wordle game. LoLdle is meant for League of Legends players that are interested in testing their knowledge about the game, characters, and lore.

There are different game modes including champion quotes, skin splash arts, and champion abilities. Unlike Wordle, players of LoLdle will get an unlimited amount of guesses to figure out the correct response. Although, there is a prompt to get a hint for each gamemode if a participant has tried numerous guesses.

There are several game modes to try, but how long do players have before the clues refresh?

When Does LoLdle Refresh?

Since LoLdle is similar to Wordle, the puzzle refresh timer is the exact same for both websites. A player will have 24 hours to complete the puzzle before it resets and becomes an entirely different prompt. Officially, LoLdle refreshes at midnight daily, and there are not any exceptions to that timing. So, it is important to try and start guessing before it gets too late into the night.

LoLdle also contains statistics that are available for each player to see how many guesses they take to get the answer on average. This is a fantastic feature that can help players see the progress they are making in guessing the correct answer.