When Does Loverwatch End?


Love may never die, but as is Overwatch 2 tradition, events cannot last forever. The Loverwatch dating sim game released on Valentine's Day, which allows players to go on dates with Mercy and Genji, is one of Overwatch's first forays outside its comfort zone, but it seems to be a successful one. Here's how long you have to play it.

Loverwatch is a text game that allows players to woo Mercy and Genji by engaging in choice-based dialogues with the heroes. Selecting the correct choices gets one closer to true (non-canon) love with both characters. Loverwatch features multiple endings and funny dialogue that will no doubt go across well with fans of the game.

When Does Loverwatch End?

Players have until Feb. 28 to play Loverwatch. This gives them ample opportunity to achieve romances with both Mercy and Genji, as well as unlock rewards redeemable in Overwatch 2 itself, including a secret highlight intro. Players also have the chance to play in the Ultimate Valentine's Event and purchase the Cupid Hanzo bundle in the store if their taste for romance is still unsatisfied.

Overwatch players are also diving into Season 3 of the game, with its new map, Antarctic Peninsula, rounding out the winter season.