When Does Madden 23 All Madden Season 1 End?

Image courtesy of EA Sports

With Madden 23 recently being released, fans were treated to a ton of new features, including new passing mechanics and updated and improved animations. This year's Madden also saw the cover pay tribute to John Madden, the game's creator and a NFL legend.

Madden 23 also has All Madden Seasons, which includes a Field Pass that rewards players with cosmetic items and players to add to their Ultimate Team. It's very similar to FIFA's system, and it looks like it will be a major component of Madden 23 and for future Madden titles. The Field Pass also includes a John Madden Legacy mode that lets players relive some of the coach's iconic moments.

Here's when it will end.

When Does Madden 23 All Madden Season 1 End?

Season One is set to end on Sept. 30, meaning players will have ample time to complete the Field Pass and other challenges to stack their Ultimate Teams. As the actual NFL season starts and progresses, expect plenty of new cards and rating adjustments to be released.

EA also said that they plan on having seasons last 60 days, so expect the upcoming seasons to be in that range.